The Effect of Quality broodstock to catfish fry Survival!

I will be the last person to admit that the quality of my broodstock affect the survival of ma fries until recently!

Normal practice is how to get much for less, in other word getting a cheap broodstock to produce vast number of fingerlings is the smartest move any breeder can make.

I have soon found this not to be true. The benefit of QUALITY and HEALTHY parent stock cannot be overemphasized at all. Proper care and treatment of your broodstock is as important as the survival of your fries.

Most of us are stranded because we are not paying close attention to the quality of the parent stock we use, as a result we continue to struggle to get our fingerlings out

Like I usually say, this might be one major factor someone is overlooking and it is affecting negatively the survival of the fries. You will do yourself lot of goods to pay more attention to your broodstock before your next spawning.

Proper diet, proper water management, careful handling are a good way to check and maintain the quality of your BS. Have done this, and have noticed a huge different.

For more info, call Abayomi on 08038082109

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