The level of success in our fish production activities depend absolutely on adequate attention to details. We need every detail available no matter how macro those information are; every detail is so important to success in breeding and management of our fries. Most of the times we overlook some of these details and it has cost us so much. It has actually run most breeders or farmers alike out of business forever. And yet, some are succeeding. This is not because they are lucky, the difference often time is in the quality of information they are working with.

Like I said earlier, infections have caused a significant economic loss to most farmers. The reason been that over some period of production,stocking, feeding rates and customers demands etc. steadily increased and producers adopted a multiple system of production in which most of the time our hatching became a nursery for fingerlings, post-fingerlings and even juveniles without proper measures. These production practices lead to the emergence of infectious diseases as the primary limiting factor in breeding, and disease outbreaks are not uncommon even on well-run
facilities. This is why about 45percent inventory loss in catfish production is attributed to infectious disease. Haven’t you wonder why the harder you tried the deeper one sink into losses.

It is important therefore for us to Rid our hatcheries of any potential host to bacterial infections. You might need to dis-congest your hatchery room and facilities of any disease causing organism. You might as well, in the absence of an effective disinfectant allow your hatchery to take some weeks to rest after washing. I equally recommend sun-drying of vats and equipment where applicable. By all means RID YOUR HATCHERY OF PATHOGENS. Wish you the best.


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