Some Mistakes Catfish Breeders Make


Breeders can never say they’ve never made mistakes in their breeding experience. The gospel truth is we all have enough mistakes credited to us during our growing years and practices. If we know then what we know now some of us would have become billionaires in dollars. As with so many things in life, it is whether we learn from our mistakes that will determine how successful we will be.

Granted, the mistakes we all make can be FRUSTRATING, as is evident in the numbers of closed farms and farmers quitting the business soon after beginning . To some of us just coming into the system, try not to be disturbed by negative reports and news making round. The road to success is often full of bumps. They are signs for you to slow down, look and think before making a leap.

Similarly, no matter how frustrating or difficult fish breeding or fish rearing may seem at the moment, if you will learn from some of our mistakes, you will definitely find this business so rewarding. I read in a recent article on Nairaland titled ‘Truth about catfish farming’. It is a personal testimony of how someone turned adversity to advantage. This article inspired this writing. The write puts it this way; ‘first off if you have never started hatching on your own, my brother you have not started…so I carefully built my hatchery’. I know that many farmers who have read the article must by now be thinking about building their own hatchery. They must be looking everywhere for someone who can ‘hatch’ for them or possibly contract it out. But knowing your need to build your own hatchery and start hatching alone does not bring success.

I have just created few lists based on my personal experience and the ones I borrowed. Learn from the list and avoid these mistakes before you even come close to hatching.

#1. Learning.
From the above sited article. The testifier having lost a quite huge investment took a visit to Songhai Farm and from there learned ‘all I needed to know and come back full of wisdom’. Why didn’t he learn this before!! I am glad the man learned from his experience and eventually learned from ‘the best’. Avoid the same mistake. Put your ‘cart’ where it belongs and your ‘horse’ in its place.


Learning the basic of the business is important to success. Using the understanding and experience from experts can safe you years of fruitless labour. Isaac Newton, the man regarded as the most influential scientist in history once wrote ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. Unfortunately, most farmers are standing on shoulders of dwarfs. I must admit here that there are quite a number of starters claiming to be a ‘professor’ in the business. Thinking all there is to successful breeding is hatching – most farmers have found out this isn’t true. Do all you can to get knowledge. Learn and learn from the best at any cost. Afterall, this is your business.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Some Mistakes Catfish Breeders Make”

  1. Hi!
    Mr Olaidemuyiwa, just want to commend ur effort. You are really doing a wonderful job. Just wish that all intending young fish farmers like me would follow you up on your blog. More grease to your elbow dear. My God will make you BIGGER. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Mr Charles. I equally read your comment on Nairaland too. Have also seen you joining our page on Facebook. Tis a honour. Happy Democracy Day. I believe this shall be the beginning of greater things to come.

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