Creating Multiples Streams Of Income Through Abribusiness!

It is no longer news that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the society and the entire nation is suffering from the

With deep and clear studying of the
situation, you will discover that the
system itself is encouraging this
menace. Or how can you explain the
fact that someone earns less than
500,000 naira per annum and he or she is expected to pay the school fees of more than one child, house rent,
transport, feeding and so on in a city
like FCT or Lagos, or any other city for
that matter?

If we don’t want corruption to continue, we must profer solutions to the income and earning challenges of the people. One major way to curb this is by encouraging individuals to have multiple sources of income.
Like Nigeria, her people must also do
every possible thing to change their
normal mono-income practice if we
hope to solve the problem of
corruption. Without additional pay,
there’s no way people can survive. If
expenses are increasing, income also
must increase, else, the status quo will remain!

Therefore, multiple streams of income
is the key to Solving financial hardship, and also corruption in Nigeria. One major area to get additional income is in Agribusiness. From this industry, an individual can create multiple streams of income for him/her self if engaged in the value chain approach.

This means that from one single item,
several products can be gotten along
the value chain. E.g Fish.
From fish, the following are value chain products :
* Fingerlings / juveniles production
* Smoked Fish
* Dried or roasted fish Production
* Table size production i.e fish above
1kg size.
* Fillets
* Feed milling
* Feed ingredients supply
* Finished / imported feed sales
* Fish drug/ supplements sales
* Pond construction and management
* General Fisheries consultancy
* Processed fish export
* Brood stocks production
* e.t.c
With these, more than 13 different income lines can be generated from
fisheries alone. The same applies to all other Agro items. An individual can create a multiple stream of income for him/her self if equipped with the right
knowledge and training.

This is the time for Africans to identify opportunities in Agribusiness, tap into it, and also, become role models for others to follow and then repeat the same.

Contact us if interested in any area of
Agribusiness value chain need.

To your success.

Written by: Adebowale Onafowora, CEO, BIC Farms Concept


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