Catfish Farmers: You Choose.

Are you one of those many farmers who are fed up with stocking poor quality fingerlings and had vowed never to outsource for fingerlings no matter the promise.

I know the effect of stocking the wrong fish from personal experience could be devastating combined with low quality but high cost of feeds that flood the market. That’s why have got good news for you. With any of our special package designed with you in mind you are sure of the followings:

1. You have total control of your fish source and quality

2. You have all of the fish hatched to yourself, be it first, second, third and even last grade.

3. You get as many as possible fingerlings as you can possibly manage

4. You enjoy our consultancy service @ discounted rate.

What’s more! E-mail us now @ or call any of these nos 08038082109,08110530479 to choose any of the packages that is most suitable for You and you can be sure to ‘Maximize your fish experience’

Our Packages includes but not limited to the following:

(A.) Day old lavae (We just hatch)

(B.) 3 days old fry (We hatch and manage for 3 days)

(C.) 5 days old (We hatch and manage for 5 days)

(D.) 2 weeks (We hatch and manage for 2 weeks).

Note: All these is using our specially designed facilities and resource persons to hatch and manage your fish after which your fry/fish are delivered safe to your farm at an agreed time. Thank You

For Shibah Farms, Benin-city, Edo State

…maximizing your catfish experience


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