Shocking! How you can make 200k with just 2 fish ponds.

Sure one of the decisions some of us are looking into making as we enter the new year revolves around a better financial year. For those who may be thinking of the kind of business to start in 2016 or those who have been in the business but are merely getting-by plus those who may never consider agribusiness, particularly fish business as a great avenue to earning fortune. I want to shock You. 

As an experienced fish farmer. There are so many questions from farmers on how to make the most of their fish business experience. Recently, a Pastor friend asked me if he could make 200k with just 2 ponds. My response made him so inquisitive. I told him that it is a cheap possibility to make 200k with just 2 ponds, only takes a bit of some ‘home work’.

How on earth can one make 200k from just two ponds when someone with three or four has not even make half of the money. Anyway, there is no magic about making such an amount with just two ponds. The simple techniques I gave my Pastor friend and the lessons that came out of it is what I want to share with you today. So today, I will be writing about how you can make 200,000 returns on your investment with just two ponds.

Success in fish business is a cheap possibility, but only for those who know and play by the rules of the game. My concern today is to help spell out some simple rules that can guarantee success. How can we run our business in such a way that we are guarantee success almost every time. How can we invest in fish business and we are sure we are making a wise investment decision. Not too many people really know the how-to successful fish farming; and that explain why so many farmers are frustrated and vowed never to go back into the business. This million dollar question is the reason why a lot of fish farmers has abandoned their ponds and allow anything grow in them except for fish. It is also the reason why some over the years have remain consistent in the business. Is there a roadmap to profitable fish farming? How do you maximize your experience? How do you predict the success of your venture. How do you enter into a business with a level of certainty that you are not into trial by error.

What are some of the decisions you must make to be sure you are on a right course. 

#1 Guaranteed water supply: The importance of water cannot be over-emphasised in fish business. The entire fish business is spelt W-A-T-E-R. The fish depends on it for their survival. As a matter of fact, it is their life. This is the first resources that must of a necessity be in abundant supply, both in quantity and in quality before embarking on this viable venture. No matter the culturing system you are adopting adequate water supply is a necessity. We have different sources, the common ones being well water and borehole water. Water is the most critical factor for a successful catfish farming. You need a water source that you can depend on all-year round. Until you have pass this #1 test, never consider yourself qualified to start fish business.

#2.  Well designed and spacious pond: What Size of ponds will give you 200k returns on your investment. I know you are asking. We have different types of ponds for raising catfish, you can choose between a earthen, concrete, mobile ponds and etc. Whatever the type you are considering, you need a pond that can contain let say 1100 fish each (depending on your target). Each of these ponds must not be less than 15 x 20feet. Mobile pond is fast becoming the choice of most farmers. We have quite a nos you can choose from. 

#3.  Quality Stock: There are just 2 ways you can guarantee this; either by hatching by yourself(or contract it out) or buy juveniles or at least post fingerlings from a Reputable farm. The truth here is such farms are very few. I can tell you from experience. Your choice of where to buy your stock is one of the most important decision you can make where success in the business is concern(

#4. Quantity of Fish: How many fish will give you 200k returns? I know you are eager to know. But before I answer that, I need you to know there are 2 major market for catfish: Big size of above 1kg and smoked size between 250g – 500g. The market you choose will determine the time frame and also the quantity of fish you can stock in each pond to arrive at your target profit. Let’s say you are targetting above 1kg you will need about 2100 pcs of juveniles, with 1050pcs in each of the ponds for the period of 3-4months following a recommended guide. 

#5.  Quality of feed: There are so many feeds that offer good promise of quality, but just few delivers on their promises. Seek counsel on the type of feeds to buy per time. This is so important. Another point to note is that the recommended quantity of feeds to be used must be available and be strictly adhere to (The next point shed. better light on this.
#6.  Follow a Guide: This is where most farmers missed it and quite a number of farmers are still missing it. How do you know what your fish should consume in a day, in a week and in a month? What should their growth be like at different stages. Which hour of the day at different season is suitable to feed your fish per time to maximize feed efficiency? What’s the the total weight of feeds your fish must take for a given period that would suit your target market? What type of feed? How do you cut down on feeding expenses to maximize your profit? How do you when to stop and when to feed on? These are some of the most important and professional decisions that a guide can help you with. It is your road map to successful business. Never ever assume this in your own interest.(Request for a guide here: 

#7.  You Must Observe Fish Growth.: You need to know if you are feeding right and if the fish on the other hand are feeding right. By this I mean if the average body weight gain is commensurate with their their feeding rate. Yes, you are feeding the prescribed quantity of feed, good for the fish, but how are your fish converting the nutrients. This observation can help you make quick, and important technical and economic decisions that could safe you from serious economic loss. Technically speaking, you might need to adjust your water quality to be more suitable and favourable to the fish growth. And economically speaking also, the fish may have reached their peak because of their genetical make up(we have so many of such). Some fish don’t grow beyond 500g no matter how hard you feed and this Is why I emphasised buying from a relliable source or breeding by yourself. Whatever your choice you must look out for this tendency and that is why observation is key. It can save you few thousands. 


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