Maximize Your Fish Yeild; Checklist

Whether you are using a earthen pond, concrete pond or tarpaulin pond this checklist will help you achieve maximum yield with limited resources. This checklist works best when the fish are fed commercial floating feed that are nutritionally complete (i.e 32-35% crude protein level with stabilized vitamins).

To achieve maximum yield in your next stocking, the following management practices are recommended.

  1. Water availability : You need constant supply of quality water. Water supply, is a non negotiable factor of production for Africa catfish. Farmers using borehole need a constant source of electricity.
  2. Proper pond design: whatever your choice of pond it must be properly design considering inlet and outlet of water.
  3. Quality juvenile: emphasis here is on quality seed. The size of the fish is also of great importance. Stock juveniles size (10grams) to avoid higher rate of cannibalism and mortality. I always recommend buying from reputable farms where quality seeds are guaranteed.
  4. Stocking density: depending on the pond carrying capacity and water availability. Always seek advise on this.
  5. Feeds and feeding. Feed nutritionally complete feed and in the right measure (feed to satiation)
  6. Grading. This is of vital importance. It allows for even growth and prevent cannibalism. It also enable the right feeding techniques.
  7. Maintain good water quality always. Poor water inhibits growth and this might leads to high cost of production
  8. Inventory control and regular sampling. You must know if your fish are performing up to the standard. Know your FCR
  9. Proper record keeping
  10. Your market. Dig you well before you become thirsty. Know and secure your market before the harvest time.
  11. Harvest at critical standing crop’ before the pond carrying capacity has been reached and fish growth ceases.

I strongly belief you have found this checklist helpful. Let us know what you think.


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