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How To Cultivate Azolla

Azolla Cultivation:- For Azolla production, it requires a shallow pond. Let us discuss more about Azolla growing in fresh water ponds. Location of Pond in Azolla Cultivation: The pond location plays major role in Azolla cultivation. Make sure to have location where you can monitor on regular basis. As this requires good water supply, choose… Continue reading How To Cultivate Azolla


The Aquaponics Promise

Imagine being able to raise your own freshwater fish – and salad – in your own backyard…or village…or commercial farm. Well, you can…using aquaponics. What? Aquaponics is the integration of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics. Suffice to say, at this early stage, that nutrient-rich water from a fish tank is pumped through a hydroponics growing system.… Continue reading The Aquaponics Promise